A word from Emily

Hey, cool people! It's me, Emily, the author of The Island of Lote and honored contributor of Young Love Press. I simply have to take a moment and give a shout out to Jake, who has put together something seriously awesome and also seems like the kind of reputable fellow you could exchange steak recipes with.

I can't even begin to explain how amped I am that spring is almost here. You might be in an area where it's already arrived, but here in Maine winter is a clingy parasite that hangs on until about mid-April. However, I'm thrilled to say that I can see the change starting to occur, as well as smell it in the air. (You can always smell when spring is on the way. The breeze becomes heady with warmth and growth and beckoning possibilities.)

The snow is finally starting to disappear. Admittedly, it has only revealed crumbly brown grass. But, if you look closely, you can see fresh, green shoots pushing up, shoving aside the old and fighting to be alive and new. I used to feel that way; the new me wrestling with the former, depleted, unwanted me, and slowly emerging as the victor. Now I compare this spring to last spring with wonder and joy.

Last year, I was still yearning, as I had all my life, for my dream to come true. This year, it's actually happening. It's all such remarkable, hard-won insanity. You can't let Dreams escape or get the best of you. You truly have to chase them down, full throttle, and beat them into submission.

(Metaphorically, of course. I don't want any of you getting all mobster on me.)

May your happiness abound,

Emily Kinney

the wheels are turning.

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