Rattle This Island

Episode 22 is my absolute favorite episode of Lote. While Milo is wildly entertaining when she's seeking vengeance, it's so refreshing to see her have hope after such a tumultuous adventure. And Simon?! Boy is busting out the moves today! Maybe Soldier gave him some advice on how to woo a lady.

I went to Hawaii recently and got a taste of island living. I'm a huge fan of island music- Collie Buddz, IZ and the like. It was amazing to pop open my phone and listen to this super chill music while sitting under some palm trees. Music plays a huge part in my day, island or no. Anytime I'm coding or writing I've got some tunes rolling. And my Pandora playlist is as diverse as the content we post. Some days are Bob Marley days, some days are dedicated to Dean Martin. Kesha makes appearances, and so does Bon Iver. I don't have an LL Cool J station, but maybe I'll get that going this weekend.

Speaking of awesome tunes, check out the track that Emily set to her new promo video...


we tore up the walls

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